Who Are We?

كل اهتمام الأكاديمية على العرب
لاننا مررنا بنفس المعاناه في ايجاد من يساعدنا للتطور 

MenaTCP Education Academy is the first Community Platform with Professional Courses covering the Professional Certifications curriculum in accounting, audit & finance-related fields.

كل المدربين والمحاضرين مؤهلين باعلى الدرجات التعليمية و بالطبع هم عرب و يتقنون اللغة الانجليزية ايضا 

For the first time in Arabic – English Community and Courses!

كما نقدم تدريبات عملية وورش عمل تساعد على اجتياز الشهادات المهنية والتطور في المجالات العملية و سوق العمل

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What Our People Say About Us
From Google Reviews

Amgad Melek
It’s easier way to pass your CPA , Mina is professional , smooth , know how to give you the information you need and he is so helpful
Sarah Helou is the best CPA mentor that making you enjoy your CPA journey, making concepts cluster clear, give you easy steps to study, understand and how to answer CPA MCQs and SIM. easy way to CPA with Sara Helou, MenaTCP
Manar Almassri
التواصل جيد بين المدرب و الطلاب مادة الشرح جيدة جدا و اسهل من الكتاب الامثلة تدعم الفكرة بشكل كبير بالاضافة الى حل اسئلة مشابهة لاسئلة الامتحان يعتبر شيء ايجابي جدا طريقة و اسلوب الاستاذ في الشرح ايضا جيدة جدا
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Reneeh Said
Mena TCP is very professional and supportive. I’m very satisfied with the quality of teaching and value for money. Mena is a very good trainer. He is friendly, gives us easy steps to study and he is always repeating what he said many times to make sure all of us understand everything.
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Zahra Hussein
I don't know how I can thank this people , they really the most honest and wonderful people , they literally change my life , I was working Normal Job in New jersey and I decided to join there classes for CPA , actually they helped me to change a lot of thing , I get a good Job as auditor even before I still not finalized the CPA , after direction from them , they start with from zero with me till I become Professional in accounting and get a good Job and I will continue till i will be certified CPA Really thank for Kiro how called me and advice me and thank for Mena who is great instructor!
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Hany Girgis
I was looking for a CPA tuitions for a long time. I heard about MenaTCP from the FB. Really he made it very easy for me to prepared for the CPA exam. Very professional, knowledgeable, supportive and the team provided multiple options to study. I am very satisfied with the quality of teaching and value for money.
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Mohamed Salih
I’ve been enjoying my CPA course! very detailed lectures. Mena is the best of the best how professional he is, motivating all the members throughout and providing resources to help set up everyone for success throughout the course. I like how he can go over details when asked. Very well commutations,Team building skills. I personally tried to gain that course through other channels and that was such a failure. I’m really relieved to find that online business running the CPA. And I like the schedule too.
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What Make Us Different ?

Professional Community

To be connected with colleagues, classmates, and friends.

Together we will make study time the very best time. 

Live and Recorded Courses

A variety of professional courses are online and recorded.

Highly Expert Instructors

We’re providing a unique experience with our highly expert instructors with your favorite language.

Lecture Pipeline

Once you are a member of us, you will access your lecture pipeline and other 11 features. 

“All dreams are achievable, but only if you start to work on it .”

Mena H.
The Founder and CEO
of MenaTCP

What Make Us Different?

Once you register with us you will have the access to

Start to learn?

Featured Popular Courses

Professional Certificate

  • CPA
  • CMA
  • CIA
  • DipIFR
  • ACAMS (Anti Money Laundry) 

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Practical Courses

  • Practical Financial Accounting (PFA)
  • Practical Internal Audits
  • Financial Analysis & Management
  • Credit Risk Management
  • Budgeting and Planning
  • Islamic Accounting

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Self Development Course

  • LinkedIn
  • CV and Resume 
  • Interview with Mocking Interview 

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Study Packages

We created Study Packages depending on Each Country’s Sector and Labor Market

  • CPA for KSA including SOCPA 

  • Success Plan For USA & Canada

  • CIA for Arab in Middle East

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Meet our Instructors Team

Dr. Samar Rizk

University Ph.D. Professor with a Master’s and BS in Business and Financial Economics thesis.

Andres Abboud


CIA Holder – Certified Internal Audit +15 years of experience in the Internal Audit Field

Edited - IMG_2289 copy 2

Mena Hemaia

Founder and CEO of MenaTCP

Instructor for Certified Public Accountant – CPA Instructor for Certified Internal Auditor – CIA Instructor for Practical Financial Accounting – PFA Instructor for Enrolled Agent – EA

Dr. Hawraa Ali Sbeyti


University Ph.D. Professor in Finance – PhD in Financial Engineering with Master’s and BS in Islamic Finance and Financial Engineering

Dr. Fabianne Saade

Head of Finance Department at Lebanese University – University Ph.D. Professor Business Administration with a Professional Masters in Business Administration.

To Meet all our Instructor Team