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Meet our Human Resources Team

Meet our HR Team Recruitment Consultant:

After your successful attempt at any of the offered professional certificate courses, the HR Team Recruitment Consultant will be in charge of preparing your completion certificate and sending your CV to our recruiter company partners with outstanding recommendations.

Meet our HR Team Consultant:

The HR Team Consultant is responsible for helping build and write a quality resume after registering for any of our professional certificate courses.


What Students are Saying About us

I was a candidate with this education center in New York

I was a candidate with this education center in New York and they did a great job. I learned a lot from the instructor which really helped me to understand the CPA

Dana musray

CPA candiates

This one the best institute provides CPA

I tried a lot of institutions but this institute  the first one that really careering about people development on every step, not just caring about providing course

Michel Refaat - Cairo

Finance Manager

they Help me to get a good staff

When I requested from this academy as I needed a recommendation from them for  junior and senior candidates under my position,   they provide me with perfect resumes that match my needs, and I was dealing with them on of the CPA course and really they have very experienced teachers plus the other services that they provided to me

Ahmed al falah - Kuwait

Senior accounting manager

Really this academy help me a lot in my career

I join this academy as candidates on CIA course and this academy helps me a lot not only because they have a good trainer in the Arabic language but also they help me by getting a better job and they help me a lot to get a better job and plus they helped me on everything till I accepted on my position

Abeer Hosny - from UAE

Head of the internal audit department

they are a great institute which giving you a great online course with professional trainer

I highly recommend Menatcp live course for anyone taking the CPA exam and want to really understand the certificate and the best thing that that you continue to help you and answers all your question till you pass the exam

I was studying with them in Dubai, and there have great instructors that can give you the difficult topics in very easy manner like piece of cake

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